Top 5 Favorite B-Rated Horror Movies

Horror is one of the very few genres of movies that can encompass almost all other genres. While some horror movies are a classic in their own right, there are thousands of cheesy horror movies that I just can’t get enough of. Today, I’ll be listing my top 5 favorite B-Horror rated movies. If you don’t know what a B-rated horror movie is, it is horror movies that are straight to DVD, that are so bad its good, and leaves you laughing more than frightened. A few examples are: Sharknado, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, and other funny-scary movies such as these.

Now, this list is just my opinion, so if you have other favorites, feel free to let me know!

#5 – Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988).

I absolutely adore this movie! I fell in love with it when I was around ten years old. I was spending the night with one of my friends and we ended up watching it. I personally have never been afraid of clowns so I knew going into this movie that it wouldn’t be scary to me. If you love aliens, clowns, people being killed by cotton candy, then you’ll love this flick!

#4 – Slither (2006).

I remember seeing this movie my freshman year of high school in theater. At first watch, I was super confused and didn’t like it. When I re-watched it a few years ago, I regretted my earlier sentiment. This movie is balls-to-the-wall funny, crazy, and just an all around good time.

#3 – My Name Is Bruce (2007).

This movie is very groovy. I will watch anything Bruce Campbell makes, no matter how stupid it is. I fell in love with Bruce when I watched Evil Dead (1981). Yes, that’s technically a B-rated horror movie as well but I am focusing on funny-stupid movies for this list. If you love Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell, or neither, it doesn’t matter. you’ll love this movie.

#2 – Leprechaun in the Hood (2000).

It’s sassy, gangster, and fantastic. If you love any Leprechaun, Jason, Freddy, or any other “classic” horror movies that have so many sequels that you can’t keep up, I’d start with this one. This is my favorite of the entire series. After you watch it, trust me, it’ll be yours too.

#1 – Thankskilling (2009).

If you thought that Thanksgiving (American) was a safe time of year, think again! A turkey has decided it is tired of its fellow turkey’s getting slaughtered and takes matters into it’s own hands. Or, should I say, wings. This movie if so stupid, its great. It is my go-to Thanksgiving movie and I watch it every year to bring in the holiday season.

Thanks for reading, guys! Please let me know your favorite B-rated horror movie. Let’s get a discussion going.

Until next time, stay scared.


Novel, News, and Update

An update on my life and where I’m going from here

Happy Friday everyone!

I wrote last month about how I am going to start publishing once a week on my site! For those of you who have been following me, you should know that it is a godsend! My life has been so hectic recently and I FINALLY have the time to dedicate to my blog once a week. I am thinking of writing one blog every Friday no later than six in the evening central time. Also, I’ve got a new puppy! Everyone meet Cricket. He’s a Beagle-Brittany mix and is about a year old. I rescued him from the Humane Society about a month ago.

That being said, I just wanted to update you guys on what’s been new in my life. I have finally gotten all settled in here in Alabama. I have an office that is fully dedicated to my writings and musings.  I had finished a novel back in March and I am finally getting traction with it!

Rippling Rage sets place in present Chicago. Nora, a depressed woman in the throes of grief, is having a hard time letting go of her brother, Jeremy. She needs one last goodbye so she meets up with her priest at her local Catholic Church and conducts a seance. What happens after this sends not only Nora into a whirlwind of terror, but her husband. Nora disappears after the seance so Arnold, her husband, enlists the help of two paranormal investigators, Elowen and Augustine. Elowen decides to help Jeremy on his path to find his wife. What they don’t know is that it isn’t a traditional paranormal case. Elowen and Augustine cross paths with a Kelpie, an undine water spirit. This Kelpie loves playing mind games on Elowen and Augustine, so much so that they never know what is reality, and what is the Kelpie’s doing. This novel will send you on a roller-coaster of mind-bending terror, leaving you so scared that you will want to jump off mid-ride.

Rippling Rage is currently in the editing process. It should be finished editing no later than October and the cover should be done no later than November.  The novel is set to be released on April 18th, 2018. I plan on keeping you guys in the loop as much as possible with the editing and publishing process. I do thank you guys for your continued support in my horror-filled writing journey. I will be posting excerpts, character outlines, and much more so that I can bring you into the fold of not only the novel, but my life.

Aside from the novel, I plan on continuing my horror themed articles such as conspiracy theories, writers, movies, books, music, and everything horror. I’m your go-to everything horror chick and I plan on keeping it that way! Thank you for your patience over the craziness that was this summer. I love you guys.

Until next time,



Why Vampire, Werewolf, and Zombie Horror Is No Longer Scary

Vampires, Werewolves, and Zombies are romanticized to the point where we are no longer afraid.

Vampires, werewolves, and zombies have become such a staple to today’s society that they are no longer scary audiences.  With TV shows like The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, and others, it has become tremendously harder to shock viewers when it comes to these traditional horror movie monsters.  They have been so romanticized that thinking of these monsters no longer instills fear.

In my opinion, it all started when Twilight came out.  Yes, before Twilight, there were vampire romance novels and some movies.  IT just didn’t have the same huge audience that the Twilight series did.  Once that came out, all anyone wanted to read and watch was vampire and werewolf romance.  Since the vampire craze started, there have been countless TV shows and movies that have come out to bank serious cash in those genres.  True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and others.  They do not bank on fear, they bank on drama and romance.

What does zombies have to do with this?  Ever since The Walking Dead came out, viewers have been more interested in the interconnecting of people who are in a zombie apocalypse and do not fear the zombies themselves.  Recent zombie movies aren’t even that scary anymore, just a lot of gore, but no real scare value.  I wish we could go back to the days where just thinking about those classic movies monsters impacted us with so much dread that we couldn’t sleep at night.

Horror Erotica: Yay or Nay?

Horror erotica is a growing industry that pays big bucks – – worth writing it?

Horror erotica is a booming business.  Every year hundreds of people publish stories or novels that have vampires, werewolves, monsters, and much more in a sexual manner.  The difference between just having a sex scene in your work compared to erotica is that the entire stories foundation is sex, whereas a sex scene is only a small part in a normal horror novel.  I will be going over the positives and the negatives of writing horror erotica.  Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it?


The Positives

  • Sex sells – Sex always sells, no matter what format it is.  It can sell from action to romance and everything in between.  There is money to be made from writing and selling horror erotica.  People will pay for anything.  I have a few friends who publish monster erotica and they make a killing.
  • It is an art – If you can get someone off on a Godzilla sex scene, that it truly phenomenal.  I personally can’t do it, but I have seen some successes.
  • Popularity – since sex always sells, you will be rolling in the dough.  You should make a couple thousand off of each story you publish if you’re self publishing.  People will always want to buy the books.

The Negatives

  • Wont be taken seriously – If your goal is to become a respected author, you wont find it by writing smut.  If you are writing just to bring in some extra cash, then this is right for you.
  • Use of name – If you use your real name to write horror erotica and don’t use a pen name, then it can be linked back to your employers, family, and friends.  If your family supports you, awesome.  If you’d rather them not know about it then write under a pen name.

In conclusion, sex always sells.  Horror erotica is a growing sub-genre in the horror universe and I feel as though it is here to stay.  Whether or not you want to get on board with it, that’s up to you.  I personally am in the process of having my story, Hunger For Warmth, published in an upcoming horror-erotica anthology series.  Do I want to be known for horror erotica?  No.  Was it fun writing?  Hell yes.  Would I submit another short story?  Definitely.  As long as you are putting out other works besides horror erotica, that isn’t all you’ll ever be known for.