Horror Erotica: Yay or Nay?

Horror erotica is a growing industry that pays big bucks – – worth writing it?

Horror erotica is a booming business.  Every year hundreds of people publish stories or novels that have vampires, werewolves, monsters, and much more in a sexual manner.  The difference between just having a sex scene in your work compared to erotica is that the entire stories foundation is sex, whereas a sex scene is only a small part in a normal horror novel.  I will be going over the positives and the negatives of writing horror erotica.  Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it?


The Positives

  • Sex sells – Sex always sells, no matter what format it is.  It can sell from action to romance and everything in between.  There is money to be made from writing and selling horror erotica.  People will pay for anything.  I have a few friends who publish monster erotica and they make a killing.
  • It is an art – If you can get someone off on a Godzilla sex scene, that it truly phenomenal.  I personally can’t do it, but I have seen some successes.
  • Popularity – since sex always sells, you will be rolling in the dough.  You should make a couple thousand off of each story you publish if you’re self publishing.  People will always want to buy the books.

The Negatives

  • Wont be taken seriously – If your goal is to become a respected author, you wont find it by writing smut.  If you are writing just to bring in some extra cash, then this is right for you.
  • Use of name – If you use your real name to write horror erotica and don’t use a pen name, then it can be linked back to your employers, family, and friends.  If your family supports you, awesome.  If you’d rather them not know about it then write under a pen name.

In conclusion, sex always sells.  Horror erotica is a growing sub-genre in the horror universe and I feel as though it is here to stay.  Whether or not you want to get on board with it, that’s up to you.  I personally am in the process of having my story, Hunger For Warmth, published in an upcoming horror-erotica anthology series.  Do I want to be known for horror erotica?  No.  Was it fun writing?  Hell yes.  Would I submit another short story?  Definitely.  As long as you are putting out other works besides horror erotica, that isn’t all you’ll ever be known for.

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