Horror Is Where The Heart Is

Unlike other genres, horror is so expansive that it engulfs other genres within it.  Kenzie Kordic strives to create the most gripping, terrifying, and down right scary stories that leave you pondering about your own life.

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Kenzie Kordic is a young author who strives to create truly scary stories.  Kenzie has been obsessed with the horror genre for as long as she’s been able to read. She has written numerous short stories as well as working on a novel.  She loves sitting at home, writing horror, and playing with her dog.  She can be reached at facebook.com/kenziekordic and twitter.com/kenziekordic

Kenzie is was published in the horror anthology, Depraved Desires vol 1, as well as numerous other short stories.

Her debut novel, Rippling Rage, drops on April 18th, 2018. Be sure to pick up your copy once it’s out!

This website will be dedicated to not only Kenzie’s writing, but anything horror.  No topics are too taboo.  Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay 🙂

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